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lemur::api::FieldInfoList Member List

This is the complete list of members for lemur::api::FieldInfoList, including all inherited members.
assignElement(FieldInfo *to, FieldInfo *from) const lemur::api::FieldInfoList [inline, protected, virtual]
begin() const lemur::api::FieldInfoList [inline]
beginPosition() const =0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [protected, pure virtual]
end() const lemur::api::FieldInfoList [inline]
endPosition() const =0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [protected, pure virtual]
getElement(FieldInfo *elem, POS_T position) const =0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [protected, pure virtual]
hasMore() const =0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [pure virtual]
itbeginlemur::api::FieldInfoList [mutable, protected]
itendlemur::api::FieldInfoList [mutable, protected]
iterator classlemur::api::FieldInfoList [friend]
newElement() const lemur::api::FieldInfoList [inline, protected, virtual]
nextEntry() const =0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [pure virtual]
nextPosition(POS_T position) const =0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [protected, pure virtual]
operator[](int index)=0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [pure virtual]
size()=0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [pure virtual]
startIteration()=0lemur::api::FieldInfoList [pure virtual]
~FieldInfoList()lemur::api::FieldInfoList [inline, virtual]

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