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indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > Member List

This is the complete list of members for indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator >, including all inherited members.
_allocatorindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [private]
_bucketsindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [private]
_compareindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [private]
_countindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [private]
_deleteBucket(bucket_type *b)indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline, private]
_endindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [private]
_hashindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [private]
_newBucket(const _Key &k, bucket_type *p)indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline, private]
_newBucket(const _Key &k, const _Value &v, bucket_type *p)indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline, private]
_parentBucket(const _Key &k) const indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline, private]
_tableindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [private]
begin()indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
bucket_type typedefindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator >
clear()indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
compare_type typedefindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator >
end()indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
find(const _Key &k) const indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
hash_type typedefindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator >
HashTable(size_t size=16384, indri::utility::RegionAllocator *allocator=0)indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
HashTableIterator< _Key, _Value, _Comparator > classindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [friend]
insert(const _Key &k)indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
insert(const _Key &k, const _Value &v)indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
iterator typedefindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator >
key_type typedefindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator >
remove(const _Key &k)indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
size()indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]
value_type typedefindri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator >
~HashTable()indri::utility::HashTable< _Key, _Value, _HashFunction, _Comparator > [inline]

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