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indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder Member List

This is the complete list of members for indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder, including all inherited members.
_count_bytes(unsigned char *buf, int index, int max_index, int how_many)indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder [private]
_initHT()indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder [private]
store_interval(indri::utility::HashTable< UINT64, const int > &table, UINT64 start, UINT64 end, const int cls)indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder [private]
uindri::parse::UTF8Transcoder [private]
unicode()indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder [inline]
utf8_decode(const char *buf_in, UINT64 **codes, int *characters, int *malformed, int **offsets, int **lengths)indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder
utf8_encode(UINT64 code, char *buf, int *octets)indri::parse::UTF8Transcoder

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