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indri::parse::TagList Member List

This is the complete list of members for indri::parse::TagList, including all inherited members.
_findParentsindri::parse::TagList [private]
_openListindri::parse::TagList [private]
_tagsindri::parse::TagList [private]
addTag(const char *name, const char *conflation, int begin)indri::parse::TagList [inline]
clear()indri::parse::TagList [inline]
endTag(const char *name, const char *conflation, int end)indri::parse::TagList [inline]
setFindParents(bool findParents)indri::parse::TagList [inline]
TagList()indri::parse::TagList [inline]
writeMetadataList(indri::utility::greedy_vector< MetadataPair > &pairs, indri::utility::Buffer &buffer, const char *docText)indri::parse::TagList [inline]
writeTagList(indri::utility::greedy_vector< TagExtent * > &tags)indri::parse::TagList [inline]

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