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CommandInterp Member List

This is the complete list of members for CommandInterp, including all inherited members.
close()CommandInterp [inline]
CommandInterp()CommandInterp [inline]
create(string &name, string &infile, string &delim)CommandInterp [inline]
dictCommandInterp [private]
dump(string &name, string &delim)CommandInterp [inline]
lookup(string &term)CommandInterp [inline]
merge(string &firstname, string &secondname, string &newname)CommandInterp [inline]
normalize()CommandInterp [inline]
open(string &name)CommandInterp [inline]
process(string &cmd)CommandInterp [inline]
process(int argc, char *argv[])CommandInterp [inline]
sourceStemmerCommandInterp [private]
sourceStopperCommandInterp [private]
stats()CommandInterp [inline]
subtract(string &name)CommandInterp [inline]
targetStemmerCommandInterp [private]
targetStopperCommandInterp [private]
usage(bool cmdLine=false)CommandInterp [inline]
~CommandInterp()CommandInterp [inline]

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