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Query Model Evaluation Application

This application loads an expanded query model (e.g., one computed by GenerateQueryModel), and evaluates it with the KL-divergence retrieval model.


  1. index: The complete name of the index table-of-content file for the database index.

  2. smoothSupportFile: The name of the smoothing support file (e.g., one generated by GenerateSmoothSupport).

  3. queryModel: the file of the query model to be evaluted

  4. resultFile: the result file

  5. resultFormat: whether the result format should be of the TREC format (i.e., six-column) or just a simple three-column format <queryID, docID, score>. Boolean value, false for non-TREC format, and true for TREC format. Default: true (i.e., TREC format)

  6. resultCount: the number of documents to return as result for each query

    The following are document model smoothing parameters:

  7. smoothMethod: One of the four:

  8. smoothStrategy: Either interpolate or 0 for interpolate or backoff or 1 for backoff.

  9. adjustedScoreMethod: Which type of score to output, one of:

  10. JelinekMercerLambda: The collection model weight in the JM interpolation method. Default: 0.5

  11. DirichletPrior: The prior parameter in the Dirichlet prior smoothing method. Default: 1000

  12. discountDelta: The delta (discounting constant) in the absolute discounting method. Default 0.7.

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