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Indri Repository Field Modification

This application enables adding or removing indexed fields from an Indri Repository without reindexing the entire collection. Adding a field requires the use of offset annotations (see Offset Annotations) for specifying the field values.


index The indri Repostitory to modify.

fileclass The FileClassEnvironment used to build the index (the corpus.class entry).

addField A list of fields to add. The subelements are:

a complex element specifying the fields to index as data. The subelements are:
the field name
the symbol true if the field contains numeric data, otherwise the symbol false.
the name of the parser to use to convert a numeric field to an unsigned integer value. If true, you should use the value OffsetAnnotationAnnotator.

annotations The offset annotations file for the collection. Single file required.

removeField A list of fields to remove. The subelements are:

the field name

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