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This application builds a document manager. Builds an index at the end of chain if an index name is provided.

To use it, follow the general steps of running a lemur application.

The parameters are:

  1. manager: name of the document manager (without extension). Required.
  2. managerType: name of the document manager type, one of bdm (KeyfileDocMgr) or elem (ElemDocMgr). Required.
  3. index: name of the index table-of-content file without the .extension.
  4. indexType: the type of index, key (KeyfileIncIndex).
  5. memory: memory (in bytes) of KeyfileIncIndex cache size (def = 128000000).
  6. stopwords: name of file containing the stopword list.
  7. acronyms: name of file containing the acronym list.
  8. countStopWords: If true, count stopwords in document length.
  9. docFormat:
  10. stemmer:
  11. dataFiles: name of file containing list of datafiles to build the document manager for. Required.

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